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Toxicological assessments

Product & material safety

Toxicological assessment is a scientific analysis focused on identifying and evaluating the potential toxic effects of substances used in medical devices and drugs. This process involves studying the nature, severity, and duration of toxic effects under various exposure conditions. Toxicologists examine a range of factors, including dosage, exposure routes, and the compound’s interaction with biological systems.

Toxicological assessments

Cleaning validation

Cleaning validation in medical device and drug manufacturing is a critical and regulatory-mandated process to ensure that health care products are free from contaminants and residues that could be harmful to patients.

IASON consulting can assist with cleaning validation and prepare toxicological assessments as well as define thresholds for potential contaminants.

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Toxicological thresholds

Toxicological thresholds are essential for ensuring that drugs are both safe and effective for patient use. Our toxicologists are happy to help.

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