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Preparing your trial

Investigator's brochures (IB) provided by experts. 

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Ensure that your IB / IMPD meet regulatory standards


Your IB writing experts

Our seasoned team understands the intricacies of clinical and non-clinical data compilation, ensuring that every IB we produce meets regulatory standards and provides a clear, concise overview of the investigational product. Whether you're launching a new drug or updating existing documentation, trust IASON consulting to deliver an IB that stands up to scrutiny and effectively communicates vital information to investigators.

Updating IBs

The IB is intended to be a "living" document that should be updated regularly to reflect the most recent and relevant information about the investigational product. All changes should be documented, and any significant new information should be communicated to the investigators and relevant authorities in a timely manner.



At IASON consulting, we provide comprehensive consulting services tailored to every facet of IBs and clinical study planning. Our team offers guidance on pivotal aspects like endpoint selection, ensuring your trials are methodologically sound and aligned with regulatory expectations.

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