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Your success is our mission

IASON consulting works with clients in more than 20 different countries all over the world to get products to the market and keep them there. 
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Service. Quality. Commitment. You want to get a drug or medical device to the market. You are committed to patient safety and want your product to have an impact on our society. We want you to succeed. 


How it all began

In 2004, Dr. Karin Jochims founded IASON consulting as she recognized the rising need for unbiased external consultants to assist both biotech and established drug developers in preclinical development. Being well known for her commitment to quality, IASON consulting quickly built lasting relationships with new clients, many of whom are still working with IASON today.

Over time, new clients from other regulatory fields such as medical device manufacturers requested assistance from IASON consulting. Until 2015, the company organically grew while maintaining its focus on quality and strict training routines for new employees overseen by Dr. Jochims herself.

The next generation

In 2015, the family business introduced the next generation when Dr. Jochims' son Felix Jochims joined the company. 

He soon began digitalizing the workplace and introduced newly developed software to improve team interactivity, medical writing processes, knowledge management, and many other fields. 

In 2017, he founded the IASON consulting software development department to build smart AI-assisted solutions for regulatory problems. The department is currently developing the revolutionary Spectrum suite

In 2021, Felix Jochims took over the company from Dr. Karin Jochims and is since leading IASON consulting into the age of AI. 

Headset und Tastatur

Paperless & green

In 2016, we've taken a decisive step away from traditional paper consumption, pioneering a completely paperless office environment.


In 2020 and 2022, we've installed solar energy panels on both of our company buildings, while also switching to energy-efficient tablets and monitors. 


Our generous company gardens maintain bee hotels and hedgehog retreats to promote local biodiversity and our company vehicles are electrified.

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People at IASON

Our team is the heart of the company. We believe that personal fulfillment comes just as much from professional passion as it does from creating meaningful connections and fostering a supportive work environment.

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Team IASON at the 2023 Hückelhoven company relay race.

Announcement hiring
Let's build a future where regulation, patient safety, and scientific reliability work seamlessly with innovation. Join our great team. 


Mühlenstraße 23C
52382 Niederzier

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