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Publishing made easy

Use our publication writing and publishing service where we take care of everything - from writing to final publishing.

Making an impact

In the medical field, it's important to publish data to establish credibility, demonstrate product effectiveness, and contribute to scientific progress. Publishing data allows to showcase the validity of innovations, build trust among peers and stakeholders, and advance the broader field of medical technology.

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Data review & assertion

At a first step, we assist you in categorizing the quality of your data. Our experienced team helps you optimize your dataset, ensuring it's well-structured and organized for successful publication.

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Publication strategy

Get help with your publication strategy to determine whether your data set should yield one or multiple publications. Decide whether to publish in the same journal or across different journals, and strategically schedule your publications to maximize their impact.

Journal selection

Optimize your journal selection process by carefully choosing the most suitable publication outlets for your research. Consider factors like scope, audience, and impact to ensure your work reaches the right readership and has the greatest influence in your field.

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Publication writing

Our proficient medical writers handle the writing of publications and create clear and concise tables and figures. We also guarantee adherence to all journal-specific layout, citation, and content requirements.

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Managing peer reviews of publications can be a lengthy and draining process. We can both guide you through the process or take over completely so that you have long review times off your mind. 

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Final publication

Once the journal, all reviewers, and you are satisfied, it's time to hit finalization button. Your data is ready now prepared to be seen and debated. 

Tailored options

If you find yourself short on resources to write your publication but still wish to have control over journal selection, worry not! Throughout your publication journey, we offer the flexibility to provide as much or as little support as you require.

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  • Molecule classes
    We can support you with our expertise across the full spectrum of drug development: from small to large molecules, biologics to oligonucleotides and more.
  • Development stages
  • Species selection
  • Technologies
    e.g. silencing novel approaches?

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