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Our sustainability projects

Ensuring a brighter future with our eco-friendly workplace commitments.

Paperless since 2016

IASON consulting has successfully transitioned to a fully digital work environment and has since harnessed the benefits of this timely shift. 

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Our solar initiative

Solar panel

2020 - Our first panels!

After a long time waiting for the construction to begin, the first roof of our company building receives solar energy panels. With energy-efficient tables and monitors, we are easily fully energy-independent - even in winter.  

Solar panel

2022 - More panels for more buildings

A second solar energy set with 7.5 KWh is now installed on the second company building (Mühlenstraße 23C) which now also receives 100% renewable energy. 

Charging station e-mobility

2022 - Installation of two wall-boxes

Our electric fleet is now powered by our own renewable energy and encourages our team to switch to electric or hybrid vehicles.

Our electric and hybrid cars

With most modern hybrids having an effective range of > 70 km, even commuting with hybrids is emission-free if you can charge at your company. 

Ein Elektroauto aufladen
Ladestation für Elektroautos
Bee hotel
Bee and a flower

The small things

Following an initiative from our team, we installed multiple bee hotels, hedgehog retreats and bird houses in our company gardens, promoting biodiversity in our literal backyard. 

Monty in a field
Monty on the grass

Our company dog "Monty"

Always ready to cheer you up.

Meet Monty

Impressing nature


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That's what we do for our planet, guys.

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