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Plan tests & studies with confidence

IASON consulting assists clients in preparing  meaningful and relevant study plans aligned with regulatory standards and requirements. 

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Preclinical studies

Preclinical studies play a pivotal role in assessing the safety and efficacy of new medical interventions before they advance to human trials. These studies need to adhere to regulatory standards to permit use in humans.

Clinical trials

Clinical trials are the cornerstone of bringing innovative healthcare solutions to the market. It is important to ensure that your clinical trial is conducted efficiently, ethically, and in accordance with global regulatory standards. 

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Data interpretation

IASON consulting can assist you in drawing meaningful conclusions from complex datasets. Especially in the presence of conflicting or unexpected results, this requires rigorous scientific reasoning.

Ensuring data quality and integrity

Our experts work together with you to ensure that the data collected is of high quality, free from errors, and not subject to manipulation, which is essential for the validity of the study.

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Endpoint selection

Careful consideration must be given to ensure endpoints align with the requirements, are preclinically and clinically relevant. We can assist you in selection the most meaningful endpoints for your study.

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Study design

A well-crafted study design is pivotal, as it determines the quality of data collected and influences the trial's ability to draw meaningful conclusions.

Population selection

The careful consideration of inclusion and exclusion criteria ensures that the study population accurately reflects the intended patient population, enhancing the generalizability and relevance of the research findings.

Study plan writing

Are you in the process of developing a new drug or medical device and unsure about the types of data needed for its development?

Let us assist you by designing a comprehensive development plan.

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    We can support you with our expertise across the full spectrum of drug development: from small to large molecules, biologics to oligonucleotides and more.
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  • Species selection
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    e.g. silencing novel approaches?

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