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Evaluating drug interactions and risks in therapeutic development

A Target Safety Assessment (TSA) is an evaluation of potential safety risks associated with pharmacologically targeting a specific molecule or pathway in the body.

For drug developers, TSAs are indispensable as they provide early insights into potential adverse effects of a drug target, ensuring both patient safety and aiding in the decision-making process for further drug development and clinical trials.

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Targeted analysis

Our experts prepare TSAs on a regular basis, offering an objective, external perspective on the designated target while pinpointing potential off-target effects.

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Experienced conclusions

Even with sparse or conflicting data, our vast expertise can guide you to accurate conclusions, supporting your drug discovery and development journey.

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Condensing data volume

We carefully screen data from a vast amount of sources, curate the most pertinent information, and compile it until we get to the very bottom of the project’s potential.

With our order-and-forget service, just send us your target, and we'll handle the TSA preparation, ensuring delivery within the specified timeframe.


Informed decisions, early!

Early informed decisions play a pivotal role in the successful development and authorization of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Initiating the TSA process at the earliest stages ensures that potential safety concerns are identified proactively, minimizing costly late-stage developmental setbacks or regulatory rejections. Furthermore, these preemptive actions streamline the product development journey, fostering a smooth transition through regulatory pathways and accelerating time-to-market, all while ensuring the utmost safety and efficacy of the product for end-users.

More than just a service provider

After completing a TSA, IASON consulting offers an optional interpretation service to elucidate the findings. Clients can benefit from the extensive expertise in toxicology and drug development offered by our consultants, who bring years of valuable experience to the table. This seasoned guidance aids in strategic decision-making, enhancing your product's path to market success. With IASON consulting, you gain more than a TSA – you access a reservoir of industry knowledge to navigate the next steps.

  • Molecule classes
    We can support you with our expertise across the full spectrum of drug development: from small to large molecules, biologics to oligonucleotides and more.
  • Development stages
  • Species selection
  • Technologies
    e.g. silencing novel approaches?

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