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Content and Database Management

Streamline Data Sharing

Are you spending more than 5 minutes on finding the right document? A well-built data base can provide the information you require within seconds, thus improving productivity considerably.


Knowledge Management

A multidisciplinary approach of creating, sharing, using and managing knowledge and information.



Medical devices are typically subject to biological evaluation and biocompatibility testing to assess the interaction between a device and tissue, cells or body fluids of the patient.



When developing and manufacturing a medical device and accessories, the assessment of biological risks should include evaluation of endpoints such as cytotoxicity, sensitization, irritation or systemic toxicity; however, studies may not always be necessary for your product.



Going Paperless

We assist you on your company’s paperless conversion process. Capitalise on the advantages of a digital company structure that saves money and space, boosts productivity, makes information sharing easier and ultimately helps the environment.



Categorise and organise your personal and business documents to quickly retrieve specific data from the vast pool of data.

A Well-Organised Database

Compiling a wide array of inventory or other such information and making it available for queries and reports is a necessity in today's business world. Data and master data management make it possible to focus on the data rather than the intricacies of the data base links and forms. A well-organised database makes a large treasure of information more manageable.



Your data is screened and quality controlled by personnel with the best scientific background.



Content can be shared easily and efficiently as editing and revisions do not require visual design or coding knowledge.



Because each piece of content is only stored one time it can be reused throughout one or multiple documents.